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Pool Party Jello

by sandi

Bears on the Beach Jello

Who wouldn’t want to sit poolside with these adorable bears?

I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I would have to make them one day.

They are so simple to create and so fun to eat. My kids had a blast eating them with their friends.

Who doesn’t like jello and cool whip together?

Shh, don’t tell anyone but actually, I don’t like jello at all. Never have, likely never will.

The texture of it is something that I have never been able to enjoy, not even as a child. However, jello is my favorite thing to create treats out of. People love the stuff. In fact I haven’t met another person who doesn’t.

Jello is beautiful. You can pretty much manipulate it to do anything you want. I have made my favorite treat of Rainbow Ribbon Jello countless times and each time I create it I am amazed by the beauty of it.

My kids love to swim. Between swim lessons and swimming in our backyard they swim at least 2 times per day during the summer. They always ask to have friends over for a swim party and often I allow it. Having friends over changes things up and everyone is more harmonious. Nicole and I love to get the kids together to swim, they can hang out and so can we.

These little cups are a perfect treat for a swimming party on a hot day or just for dessert with your family.

Here’s the recipe:
Adapted from this recipe

Blue jello (6 ounces)
cool whip
gummy bears
paper umbrellas

Combine jello with 2 1/2 cups boiling water and stir until well combined. Pour into individual cups and refrigerate until set.

About an hour before serving put cool whip in a disposable icing bag and snip the tip off. Pipe onto half of the jello. Place two (or more) gummy bears on the cool whip and open up a paper umbrella and stick it in the cool whip.


One 6 ounce box of jello makes 6 pool party jello cups.

Stars and Stripes Jello

by sandi

Amaze and dazzle your friends with this patriotic jello which is perfect for Memorial Day or Fourth of July. One of my favorite things to make for guests is jello. People LOVE it. They are always amazed at it and it is super easy to make. While this recipe takes time to allow different layers

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Rainbow Ribbon Jello

by sandi

Since I shared on my family blog about the rainbow jello I made for Madeline’s birthday I have been asked frequently how I made such beautiful jello.  The process is long and you have to have a day at home to create it, but the results are worth the effort.  This particular jello took 5

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