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We are just two Moms who love to be creative. We balance our households and our children’s busy schedules with our humor and laughter. We see each other daily whether it is on the playground of our children’s school at drop off, ballet class or on the PTO board. Our husbands tend to work a lot which gives us plenty of time to hang out with our children and dream up things to create. We are hoping to inspire just a couple of you to have your own culinary escapades.

People are always asking Sandi for her recipes so she decided to start a blog about them. It started with her most famous and most popular recipe of rainbow ribbon jello and grew from there.


About Sandi: I am a fourth generation Arizona native who loves the heat. I have been in the kitchen since I was a little girl watching my parents cook and learning from them. Before I had children of my own I was a school teacher in a local public school. In those days my cooking centered around breakfast cereal and ramen noodles with an occasional nice dinner thrown in. Now as a wife and Mother to four children baking them sweet treats and healthy meals is part of my everyday life and I love it. I also love entertaining my family and friends with a good party chock full of yummy bites.

My family blog documents my journey to create a family and how we make things work day in and day out. Our journey includes infertility treatments, pregnancy loss, high risk pregnancies, domestic adoption and international adoption. Each of my four children are very unique individuals. You can read about our adventures here.

When I am not hanging out with my family or in the kitchen, often these happen simultaneously, I am down at the school substitute teaching, volunteering in the classroom or PTO, or trying to learn to love going to the gym. It is not something that comes natural to me, but I am trying. I’ve got to find someway to eat all this delicious food and not turn into a two-ton Hannah.

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About Nicole: I was born and raised in Washington and moved to Arizona about five years ago. Photography became an interest of mine after my kids were born and has since grown into my hobby. I love to photograph my children outside. I am always lugging around my big Canon Rebel XSi ready for the next perfect shot. When Sandi asked me if I would like to work on a food blog with her I was excited and ready for the challenge of photographing her delicious food.

My family blog documents my favorite thing in life, my family. You can see what my zany girls are up to at various times. I like to tell my story through pictures. Whether they are snap shots of my beautiful and darling girls or landscape photos they show what interests me and help me perfect my skills. You can read about us here.

When I am not photographing, volunteering in my children’s school or PTO, I am hanging out with my girls you can find me working out in the gym. I have to make sure I work out so I don’t feel too guilty over eating all this delicious food I photograph.

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