Heart Bark

Heart Bark

If you need a last minute treat to give your sweetheart I have the perfect one for you. My husband loves conversation hearts and each year I buy him a small box of them during the Valentine holiday season.

This bark is super simple to make.

Heart Bark

Here’s the recipe:
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1 package Almond Bark
1 12 ounce package of pink Wilton Melts
1 package Conversation hearts
Assorted sprinkles (I used pink sugar and purple non-pareils)

I like to get all my topping ready before I start melting my chocolate. Then I spread a 2-3 foot section of parchment paper on the surface I am going to work on.

Melt both of your chocolates separately according to the directions. I use the microwave to do mine and put it in in 30 second intervals until it is all melted. Make sure you are using a microwave safe dish like a pyrex measuring cup so that you don’t have a catastrophe.

Once you have both of your chocolates melted spread the white chocolate onto your parchment paper. I like to make mine about 1/4 inch thick so that it isn’t too brittle. You can spread it using an offset spatula or anything that you like to use. I personally prefer the offset spatula but if you use a butter knife it won’t mess up the recipe.

Place spoonfuls of the pink chocolate around the white chocolate. You must work fast at this point because if the brown chocolate hardens before your get the pink on you won’t be able to swirl it. That is why I urge you to melt both before you get started.

Using a clean butter knife start at one end of your chocolate and make a curved zig zag formation. Lift knife from chocolate and then zig zag the other direction until both of your chocolates are a beautiful swirly pattern. Sprinkle with your conversation heart candies first and then quickly follow with your sprinkles. If you allow the chocolate to cool to much these items will not stick.

Once chocolate has hardened again break the bark into serving pieces.


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