Marshmallow Heart Pops


While out shopping I ran across a new type of marshmallow. I am not sure why, but I love interesting shaped marshmallows and these were far too cute to pass up. I found them at my local Target and had to create a treat with them.


There really isn’t much of a recipe here. I melted some dipping chocolate and dipped half of the marshmallow in it. (I used chocolate bark because it was what I had on hand.) Then I sprinkled on some Valentine themed sprinkles. I think those micro hearts are adorable and I can’t resist sprinkling them on all my Valentine treats.

These are also perfect without a stick.


Or package them up to share with special people in your life.


No matter how you serve these I know you will bring a smile to someone’s face the moment they see them.

If you need more specific directions on how to melt chocolate or dipping and sprinkling you can check out my post on Chocolate Dipped Pretzels.

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