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Kimberly's 9th Birthday cake

My oldest daughter just had her 9th birthday party. While I am in denial that she is actually turning 9 next week I agreed to make her a cake. It was easy, especially since she really isn’t 9 yet. 😉

She decided on an artist theme party and helped plan everything out. I like to have certain things that are a surprise to them and the cake is usually one of them.

I bought a large cake board at my favorite cake store. I freehand cut the shape of an artist palette. Cutting through thick cardboard is not all that easy so the sides were not as sharp of cuts as I would have liked. I covered up the unsightly cuts with a pipe of icing around the edges.

One of the crafts people were doing at the party was cupcake decorating with fondant and piping icing. I decided to use four of the cupcakes for the different colors on the palette.

I wrote her name with buttercream icing. I really like Wilton’s classic buttercream recipe though I toss in a 1/2 tsp salt.

I finished it off with a paintbrush pretzel rod. (This post will be coming up soon.)

My little girl loved it.

See how I called her little girl? Denial of how old she is is in full force.

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