Pool Party Jello

Bears on the Beach Jello

Who wouldn’t want to sit poolside with these adorable bears?

I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I would have to make them one day.

They are so simple to create and so fun to eat. My kids had a blast eating them with their friends.

Who doesn’t like jello and cool whip together?

Shh, don’t tell anyone but actually, I don’t like jello at all. Never have, likely never will.

The texture of it is something that I have never been able to enjoy, not even as a child. However, jello is my favorite thing to create treats out of. People love the stuff. In fact I haven’t met another person who doesn’t.

Jello is beautiful. You can pretty much manipulate it to do anything you want. I have made my favorite treat of Rainbow Ribbon Jello countless times and each time I create it I am amazed by the beauty of it.

My kids love to swim. Between swim lessons and swimming in our backyard they swim at least 2 times per day during the summer. They always ask to have friends over for a swim party and often I allow it. Having friends over changes things up and everyone is more harmonious. Nicole and I love to get the kids together to swim, they can hang out and so can we.

These little cups are a perfect treat for a swimming party on a hot day or just for dessert with your family.

Here’s the recipe:
Adapted from this recipe

Blue jello (6 ounces)
cool whip
gummy bears
paper umbrellas

Combine jello with 2 1/2 cups boiling water and stir until well combined. Pour into individual cups and refrigerate until set.

About an hour before serving put cool whip in a disposable icing bag and snip the tip off. Pipe onto half of the jello. Place two (or more) gummy bears on the cool whip and open up a paper umbrella and stick it in the cool whip.


One 6 ounce box of jello makes 6 pool party jello cups.

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