April Fools Spaghetti and Meatballs


Yesterday was April fools day and while I am not a big jokester I do like to play little pranks on my kids. I was making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and had my husband run out to buy me some Ferrero Rocher.

It was pretty easy to do and was super funny.

I made my meatballs smaller than normal to adjust to the size of the Ferrero Rocher so that you wouldn’t be able to tell. I made my sauce and then cooled some in the freezer so that it wouldn’t melt the chocolate off. I unwrapped one per child and mixed it into the cooled sauce. When I plated it I put all the meatballs off to the side, this was key for the chocolate one since it would have melted.

At first my kids thought I served them frozen meatballs because they couldn’t stick their fork into it, which would be a hilarious trick but that wasn’t the one I was pulling on them. Once they figured it out everyone was busting up laughing.

I hope someday you can catch someone off guard with this funny trick!

Categories: chocolate, dinner

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