Clown Birthday Cake

Kimberly's 8th birthday cake

This cake was for my Daughter’s 8th birthday party. Before this date I had never made the cake for any of my children’s birthday’s. It always happened that my parents, who are amazing cake decorators or someone else had always made the cake. To say I was nervous would be a enormous understatement.

I hadn’t ordered a cake as a backup and my daughter, who loves Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes was expecting something amazing. To make the whole thing even more complicated she wanted it to be a tall cake. So I had my husband make 4 8″ round cakes and I sliced and stacked them. (He is very good at box cakes and it makes him feel like he is helping out.) I used wood skewers to stabilize it and put buttercream in between each layer.

I used Wilton’s buttercream icing recipe to make the frosting. However, I love how butter flavoring adds a little extra butter taste to my royal icing so I add some to my buttercream. I have never measured it but it probably is only 1/4 of a tsp.

Having watched my parents for years I knew that the way to make the edges slick was to wet the offset spatula, so that is what I did. It is very hard to get the hang of this and this cake is by no means perfect but it came out pretty darn good. Unfortunately I forgot about the lazy susan I had until I had already smoothed the sides. I was able to utilize it for the piping of the top and bottom of the cake to create the rope.

My Mother had a book of Wilton cakes that I had looked through millions of times. I dreamed of so many of the cakes in that book and each year my parents would create one just for me. I remember directions on how to create a clown with icing and a clown head. Fortunately I found the directions online.

It really was such fun to put Kimberly to bed last night and to have her awake to the cake of her dreams this morning. 🙂 Another one of those things that I loved about my childhood that I can pass onto my children. I am glad I had the courage to try to create a special cake for my daughter.

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